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The East Wing
Photoshop CS2

Most macabre castles and manors have Forbidden Zones. The castle that Yorick lives in has one too, and everyone just refers to it as the East Wing. The East Wing is never entered, never tended, and never discussed for in it lies the entrance to the basement and the Evil Seed from which the castle sprouted long ago. No one knows much about the Seed, whether's it's just a big cluster of roots, a magic gem, or a peach pit, but the Seed knows a lot about the castle and everyone that lives inside of it.

Yorick, our dashing blond zombie hero, sets off to ask a favour of the Seed. He's not scared in the least and likes to brag about this fact so that everyone's aware. In his company we have Ophelia (who's alive but we won't hold that against her), Momus the crippled vampire, and Ivy, Yorick's pet eyeball, who is giant, slimy, and betentacled.