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Tending to Master
Photoshop CS

There's something about the familiars in Symphony of the Night that makes me happy. Maybe I get too into these silly games but I can imagine Alucard creeping through his father's castle, thunder roaring in the background, bloodthirsty hellhounds around every corner, deceit, torment, agony on his heels - and all his little demon familiar wants to do is push cool buttons while the fairy makes a comfortable perch of the half-vamp's shoulder as he broods over the castle map. It's just cute! And I love when cute things mix with macabre things. It's a... thing.

So here we have the fairy familiar tending to a tiny nick on her master's face with a bit of potion as the rest of their little party looks on, likely offering suggestions on how to get 200% map completion or bitching about how broken the shield rod is.