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A Little Night Musick
Photoshop CS2

When Yorick told Ophelia about his enchanted gramophone, Ophelia thought they would listen to powerful musical pieces upon it, ones that would inspire visualizations so epic they'd bring the entire castle down! Rifling through Yorick's record collection however, Ophelia found nothing but tattered albums of musicals and show tune standards. She hated show tunes. They were so cheesy and unrealistic and full of sappy romance!

But Yorick loved them. The moment he put a record onto the plate, he flopped down on his battered couch and slipped into a stupor of ecstasy from which Ophelia could not rouse him, even by sticking him with push pins. Ophelia decided she would come back later and set the enchanted gramophone on fire when no one was looking. She'd play doom metal while it burned! And then Yorick would pay her the attention she rightly deserved.